Vacuum Ceramic Strainer Plate

The ceramic filter consists of ceramic filtering plate, rotator, slurry tank, discharge scraper, distributor, agitating device, cleaning device (including ultrasonic cleaning & acid cleaning), frame, vacuum system, pipe system, filtrate discharge system, automatic lubricating system, automatic acid-dosing system, discharge chute, valve and PLC automatic control system (can be made as remote control system).




Features and Applications
Compared with traditional filters, it is featured in energy saving, high efficency, low production cost, high automation level, low power consumption, low moisture of filter cake. More importantly, the low suspended solids in filterate enables the ceramic filter easily meet the discharge standards, and customers can use it as circulation water without discharge it outside.
It is extensively used for solid liquid separation in such industries as ore beneficiation, metallurgy, chemicals, paper making, coal, environmental protection and so on.

Product Origin: China
Model Number: 4#
Brand Name: Shikun

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