Mining Machinery Parts for mining process

Mining Machinery Parts for mining process

1. Framework has high concentration, film has high intensity, excellent resistance to wear,compression and corrosion. White alundum is electrically melted and moulded into grads with 500t hydraulic press and 1800º C whole agglomeration, voltage resistance can reach 8bar.

2. High open porosity and productivity; High filtering precision, low vacuum consumption. Fine materials, whole compound, stick without glue, good water permeability, open porosity can reach 92%; Adopt 1800mesh superfine white alundum film-spraying pre-coating technique which has good capillary function and low vacuum consumption.

3. Many methods for regeneration, service life is greatly prolonged. It can be cleaned with organic solvent under high temperature and high voltage with good regenerating effect and long service life.



Product Origin: China
Model Number: 6#
Brand Name: Shikun

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