Vacuum Ceramic Filter Plate for dewater mineral concentrates

Vacuum Ceramic Filter Plate for dewater mineral concentrates

Compound micropore ceramic filter plate is a high efficiency,energy conservation and environmental protection product developed by our conmpany after cooperatingwith many ceramic research units and absorbing foreign advanced technology.It is widely usedin such mineral concentrate dehydration as steel,iron,zinc-lead,nickel,aluminium,etc,and the tailing dehydration and sewage, waste acid treatment.It is applicable for the matter granularityfrom ~200 item (occupying50%)to~400 item (occupying 50%) and a few micron matter . It got the customer's faith for its high separting ratio, high separating precision,high operating efficiency,good technical economic target and wide applicability.

The ceramic filter is aluminium oxide series,which is baked by adopting the inorganic film manufacturing technology.It overcomes the easy block and difficult flushing of the other manufacturers arising from low stength of the silicon-carbide basilar plate, uneven organize, uneven pore space,differ hole.Because the silicon-carbide granule is needle-like or chip-like, the aluminium oxide is spherical particle.

Product Origin: China
Model Number: 1#
Brand Name: Shikun

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